February 13, 2016

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  Busuanga Pasture Reserve

     Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 2057, dated May 7, 2010, PhilForest is tasked to undertake the following duties and functions to develop the 40,000 hectare in Busuanga Pasture Reserve (BPR) are as follows:

  1. To assess, evaluate, and determine the possibility of redefining and/ or modifying the land use of BPR;
  2. To identify and carry out other economic activities to enhance the development potential of the BPR;
  3. To plan out other development intervention that can co-exist with pasture;

To administer its duties and functions, PhilForest is authorized to undertake the following powers:

  1. To invite, solicit and enlist the participation of the private sector in any facet of developing Busuanga Pasture Reserve;
  2. To enter into contract, agreement, lease, loans, bond flotation activities, and similar modes of government indebtedness in order to augment the corporate funds of the PhilForest;
  3. To build alliances with business and industry leaders as well as with international development partners, whenever necessary.


Busuanga Pasture Reserve Map